Well, it’s been kinda fun. I’ve had more fun with the blog than I have had with Eve lately.  I’ve decided to close down my characters on Eve after my last run in with what they call customer service, and what I call customer un-care.  The long and the short of it is as follows.  When my cat died about six weeks ago, I went back to mining and mined out a whole belt of trit.

Didn’t really know what I was doing, or pay attention, I just did it because it was comfortable while my brain dealt with the grief.  I then decided to turn said trit into a battleship and spent another couple weeks pulling together the minerals.  Then I decide to sell said Dominix, check the market, see them with sell orders of  54-55M with buy orders at 14M.

I put up the second lowest priced domi in the region at just over 54M.  A week or two passes, I notice no ship on my market inventory, no cash from the sale.  I file a petition to have it investigated and they come back and tell me that I sold it for 14M and that their logs don’t show any errors.  Well, duh, if I *had* just flat out sold it, I would have noticed and never filed the damn petition, but I double checked my prices in the middle and know that I put it up for sale at ~54M.

Now, decent customer service would do something about it, or at least forward it to the bug team to look at, but we all know that  CCP customer service isn’t capable of committing service, only capable of using their tiny little ‘no’ as the only futile exercise of power, but I for one file about one petition a year, have been playing for about four years and have had satisfaction in *one* of those four times.

If this was happening to me in a restaurant, I wouldn’t go back, so why should I got back to such aggravation due to a game. It’s not the isk, 40M isk is a drop in the bucket and you can always make more.  It’s  completely the principle of the matter.

Good luck to you all,  and I hope that you don’t feel screwed over by CCP.  I’m going to go pay the final winners and then close the accounts.  No, none of you can have any of my stuff, that’s going to my corps, they were there for me when I need ’em.  I should have been more specific in my contest as well with comments about typos going to the  portion of the blog with the actual typo, but because I didn’t I’ll be investigating them and paying them out before I close stuff.  Thank you very much for reading and fly safe.


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