Prizes will be awarded…

February 7, 2009

In the interests of having a clean and mostly entertaining blog, I’ve decided to reward Eve players who find typos.  The first person to spot a tpyo in my blog and comment here about it needing a correction will win 1M isk.  This is an open, standing offer for all my posts.  I hope to grow the prize money eventually. As I use a spellcheck, you can be sure I left it in on purpose.


I just got a note from CrazyKinux that reads:

Hey there!

Welcome to the EVE blogging community!

I added your blog to my EVE Player Blogroll. You’ll also be featured in both the next EVE Speedlinking post, as well as the next Micro Warp Cast podcast.

I’d appreciate if you made a post about it and/or added those links to your blogroll!

Thank you so very much for inclusion CrazyKinux.  You should also check out the list kept at  I hope to keep Aziza’s tale going as  long as I’m still enjoying Eve.