Aziza Minz is an alt character I created for the online space game Eve online.  She is a little fish in a big ocean filled with predators of both the piratical and tycoon types, ill equipped to handle the vagaries and hostilities of open space, and spends much of her time sitting in her rented office in Frarn, one short hop from Rens, the biggest commericial center anywhere short of the famed Jita.

Her mysterious employer is my  main character, whom I’d like to keep confidential for the time being.  (Those of you who know, please don’t blab… there are about a dozen of you.)  While I don’t seriously Role Play in Eve (there’s no appreciative audience outside of Ushra’ Kahn), I do like good stories.

Bit of further background on Aziza, she was designed by my wife (who keeps expressing an interest in learning to play, but is working on finishing her degree) and will someday be played by her on a more regular basis.  (Yes, I have a wife who games.)  She started out as a research and trade specialist with an aim to drive Gallente Industrials, and she’s worked her way up to cruisers.  Her current skill path is that of survey specialist and she’s hard at work.


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