Prizes will be awarded…

February 7, 2009

In the interests of having a clean and mostly entertaining blog, I’ve decided to reward Eve players who find typos.  The first person to spot a tpyo in my blog and comment here about it needing a correction will win 1M isk.  This is an open, standing offer for all my posts.  I hope to grow the prize money eventually. As I use a spellcheck, you can be sure I left it in on purpose.


6 Responses to “Prizes will be awarded…”

  1. Kename Fin Says:

    “…spot a tpyo…” *typo
    tpyo – very cute.

  2. Maximillian Ramius Says:

    In this:

    “Sleipner” instead of “Sleipnir” 🙂

  3. woog Says:

    caffinated > caffeinated
    she orders purchase > ????
    aquire > acquire
    execption > exception
    sighes > sighs
    those were not good day > Days?
    effecient > efficient
    thier > their
    she slide > she slides? Slid?
    some pilot in need of cash come calling > To come calling.

    I suggest you fire your spell checker. There are plenty more– if you pay janya rykayn 10M isk I will come calling again.

  4. azizaminz Says:

    Four of those are grammar rather than spelling errors. The phrases may not work perfectly, but they’re still spelled correctly. Yours and Maximillian’s money has been sent, thank you for playing.

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