Capitalism is a system of profit and loss.

January 29, 2009

<<Aziza Minz Personal Log>>

Profit  and.. orand Loss.

You don’t go looking for losses in the market, not usually, they sneak up on you, and you find yourself over extended, overbought, outgunned or just plain out-maneuvered.

It’s been a busy couple of days in the Big Daddy as I’ve been thinking of the new battle-cruiser, maneuvering with tritanium prices, raising my buy orders prices, waiting for the higher buyers to  finish their orders, shaving a few  hundredth’s of an isk on millions of trit.

Perhaps this is a market bubble that is about to collapse.  I don’t expect trit prices to plummet all that much, but it seems that we’ve hit a plateau for now in Heimatar with top buyers paying 3.84 isk/unit, with low sellers close to 3.90, but the average a lot closer to 4.0 than that, with large volumes.

<<Personal Log – Paused.  Incoming priority communication>>

Aziza’s com window flashed open with a single red flash around Mr. D’s name, the word ‘priority’ flashing in electric blue. Aziza opens her comm channel.  “Minz here, go ahead.”

Her employer’s swarthy face materializes before her in three dimensions.  A vein on his neck pulses hotly.  Aziza felt herself responding viscerally to his highly emotional state.

“How much money do we have?”  This was never a good question coming from Mr. D. He either has enough or needs a haulerload.

“What happened?” Aziza probes cautiously.

“Lost the Claymore to Concord… and caused a buddy to lose a Guardian to boot.” He sighs audibly, clearly seething  under the skin.

“Oh, crap, how did that happen?”

“Let’s just say that I’ll never mistake a Target Annex for a Targeting Computer again, and my criminal warnings notification has been reset to ‘on’…  The guardian was shield boosting me when I opened up on some Angels, and the next thing you know, Three Concord battleships are there, locking me down and pulverizing the claymore in seconds.”

Aziza bit her lip, uncertain as to what, if anything to say.

“It means,” he says, “That I tried to sensor boost the angel I was firing upon, and that’s a big no-no in the Concord Regulation Book.  I can even imagine why it’s a regulation.  Wish that Concord had a little more discretion, but we wouldn’t want anyone going around boosting pirates to kill young pilots, would we?”

Minz shook her head.  Her employer just looked pensive for a minute.  Aziza supplies,”Well, we’ve got about 200 Million in cash right now, and we could raise another 50 million in escrow if it came to that.”

“Oh! Good!  Thank god.  Okay,  I need you to take sixty million, buy this guy a Guardian and deliver it to his home system.”

Yarebap, she entered into the navcomp as he spoke, her eyes activating another screen to bring up the prices of Guardians.  “Deliver it there and set up a contract for Gorrack.”

28 jumps.  Her boss noticed her eyebrow arch and commented, “Yeah 28 jumps.  When you’re done, I *order* you to take some R&R for 24 before coming back.  You’ve been doing great lately and I just wanted to thank you.  I’ll handle things on this end with regards to the salvage, and just stockpile things until you get back.”

“Understood,” said Aziza, her cool alto striving for a soothing tone.  “But boss, didn’t he get an insurance payout like you? Crappy for an advanced ship like that, but yours was a huge loss.  Is it in our best interests to buy this guy a new ship?”

Mr. D. paused for a moment and thought about it then cleared his throat, a lot of his angry tension dissipating. “Let this be a lesson for everyone involved.  Aziza, You pay for your mistakes, one way or another.

I’d rather pay with my wallet and time for that mistake, learn and move on and not repeate it rather than live with the regret that one of my actions caused a gangmate of mine to lose his ship.   You have your orders, move out.  Oh, and transfer that 140 million that’s left to my account, I’m going to go buy myself a sleipner.  I was wondering what the difference was and now I  have a reason to find out.  [redacted] out.”

Aziza just grins and nods throwing up a prayer to Infi, the the great spirit in gratitude for having a boss with character.  “Minz over and out.”  She switches comm channels “This is Minz, get Big Blue warmed up and make sure you take out those cargo containers and stow them on B-deck while we’re gone, gonna need that space for a logistics cruiser.”  She closes comms and sets her navicomp to dock up for switching ships.

<<Personal Log – Cont.>>

Took a 200M isk loss today, but it gained me the respect of my boss and mentor, and was a great litmus test of his character.  Lots to do on the horizen and what to do with my R&R?

<<Close log>>


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    Hey there!

    Welcome to the EVE blogging community!

    I added your blog to my EVE Player Blogroll. You’ll also be featured in both the next EVE Speedlinking post, as well as the next Micro Warp Cast podcast.

    I’d appreciate if you made a post about it and/or added those links to your blogroll!


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